Combiner Wars Wave 6 Preorders Are Live

BBTS has opened preorders for the upcoming Wave 6 Combiner Wars Deluxes. Read on for all the listings. This wave is looking good.

Hound-01 Hound-02 Hound-03

Hound. $17.99

Smokescreen-01 Smokescreen-02 Smokescreen-03

Smokescreen. $17.99

Trailbreaker-01 Trailbreaker-02 Trailbreaker-03

Trailbreaker. 17.99

Wheeljack-01 Wheeljack-02 Wheeljack-03

Wheeljack. $17.99


Wave 6. $65.99

wave-6 case

Wave 6 case of 8. $129.99

Are you excited for this wave? Shocked that the stock photos are transformed correctly and posed well? Join the ongoing discussion in our Transformers forum!



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