BotCon and the TF Club to End at the End of 2016?!

Update: We reached out to Fun Publications for confirmation and/or comment and they responded to us. Take that how you will and we’ll keep you up to date on any developments going forward.


In regard to TCC memberships, the only information we have at this time is what is posted online.
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There have been rumors starting back a couple of months ago that with the news of Star City’s Neon acquiring the rights for Transformers related experiences across the globe, that the likelihood of BotCon and the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club continuing were an uncertainty.  Though we don’t have solid proof of this, a bit of information that has come to light seems to confirm this.  Both the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club and the G.I. Joe Club‘s memberships’ end at the end of December 2016.  Normally the memberships would last for an entire year after the purchase date (for example a membership purchased on February 2016 would last until February 2017).  This new bit of information seems to confirm that Fun Publications will no longer be running a fan club or official convention after 2016.  It is also very likely that after 2016 there will no longer be an official Transformers fan club or an official Transformers convention, with these new Transformers experiences (such as the one coming to Las Vegas) replacing them.  What are your thoughts on this recent development?  Sound off on our forums by clicking Read More.

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