Transformers: Robots in Disguise #4 Review!

The first arc of RID comes to a close, and we finally find out what Ultra Magnus is up to!
Georgia Ball does a great job of writing this as an all-ages title, but unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot for Team Prime to do. Arcee and Bulkhead barely get any lines and it’s very telling that all of the team-up battles feature the characters getting in each other’s way.
However, the moral of the story (as Ultra Magnus discovers) is that this is Team Bee’s book. The purpose of this story isn’t so much about connecting the shows as passing the torch.
Ball and artist Priscilla Tramontano are clearly having a lot of fun getting into the RID characters too. They deliver some great moments like this issue’s opening with a hilarious look into Strongarm’s head, and continue with Sideswipe failing miserably at acting lessons. The original characters are really great too—Overhead is a fantastic villain that I wish we could get more of. A brilliant crime boss who pretends to be her own lackey is very unique for Transformers, but putting that cat back in the bag isn’t going to be easy. Clipshade also proves wonderful, and my greatest complaint about this arc is that I can’t have a toy of him.
I don’t mean to gush praise, but I really enjoyed this and think the title is off to a strong start. The only thing I’d change is to tone down the pink shading on some of the white robot parts, as Strongarm ends up looking mostly pink too often for my liking. That’s a minor quibble in a lot of good book though.
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