Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #46 Review!

So last issue left our pals the Scavengers facing the tender mercies of Fortress Maximus. This leads to the first one-page MTMTE issue. Tune in next month for issue 47, “Fort Max Digs Some Graves”!
Thankfully things are rarely that simple in MTMTE. Roberts actually tends to do one-sided battles pretty well, so it’s no surprise that works out. Of course he also manages to give some nicely unexpected moments in the process, and whether by accident or design some concerns that readers expressed from the previous issue are addressed. However, some of it is rather pointed—rather than being conveyed through the story, the characters take moments out for “The More You Know” lessons. It’s also a little strange that the Scavengers chide each other about not recognizing mental conditions while not caring that Fort Max is clearly still feeling some trauma from Last Stand of the Wreckers.
As per usual, some interesting concepts work their way into the story. It’s interesting to realize that even with all the computers and technology the Transformers use/are, the war didn’t leave them with a lot of centralized information resources. Autopedia is the closest thing they have, and that of course carries a whole slew of problems. Roboids are also rather interesting, albeit in that horrific-yet-fascinating way that Roberts loves to indulge. The conversion sure doesn’t sound reversible, but Transformers have come back from things that seemed more permanent (like death!) before.
I liked the way this adventure turned out. By itself this side trip doesn’t meant a whole lot for anyone but the characters involved, but it sets up a lot of future ideas. Having both the Scavengers and Fort Max—or is it “Zoo Max” now?—become caretakers has a lot of potential, and I’m already looking forward to their interactions the next time they meet. You know they will.
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