TFsource SourceNews! Cyber Monday Sale!

Monday morning, but not just any Monday! It’s Cyber Monday, and that means this week’s TFsource SourceNews update is packed with one-day deals you won’t want to miss.

TFsource SourceNews! Cyber Monday Sale! 12 amazing deals, only available on Cyber Monday – so don’t miss out!

TFsource Cyber Monday Sale! 12 amazing deals, only available on Cyber Monday – so don’t miss out! Check out all the items by clicking here.

MP-21G – Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee – $40
Generations – Combiner Wars 2015 – Deluxe Class Series 4 – Set of 4 – $39.96 (just $9.99 each) sold only in set of 4
Transformers Unite Warriors – UW-01 – Superion Set of 5 – $100
Transformers Unite Warriors – UW-02 – Menasor Set of 5 – $100


MP-11NR – Masterpiece Ramjet
KFC – EAVI METAL Phase Four: A – Transistor & HiFi – Unpainted Version
TFC Toys Hades H-01 Minos and H-02 Thanatos
FansToys FT-16 Sovereign
R-11 – Reformatted Seraphicus Prominon – Power Cradle
Ocular Max – Perfection Series – PS-01A Sphinx
Transformers Megatron Premium Scale – 18.5” Collectible Figure
MP-30 Masterpiece Ratchet with an without Collector’s Coin
MP-28 – Masterpiece Hot Rod – w/ Coin
MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave – with Collector’s Coin
War in Pocket – X07 X-12 Hulkie – Set of 6 Figures


VooDoo Robots – Courage Potion – Animus Stealth Mode
Reformatted – R-12 – Cynicus Asterisk – Convention
MMC – R-20N – Nero Rex – Convention Exclusive
Xtransbots – MX-II Andras
Unique Toys – Y01 – Provider
MP-25 – Masterpiece Tracks with and without Collector’s Coin
KFC – CST-08 Fader & CST-09 Rover – Set of 2
GigaPower – Gigasaurs – HQ03 – Guttur – Chrome Version


Now available for Preorder, the hotly-anticipated Conehead seeker MP-11NR Masterpiece Ramjet! Preorder today at TFsource:

MP-11NR – Masterpiece Ramjet


Great news, XTransbots MX-II Andras is in stock and shipping! Order TODAY:

Xtransbots – MX-II Andras

Now back in stock – Xtransbots – MX-I Apollyon! Order yours at TFsource here:

Xtransbots – MX-I Apollyon – 2nd Production Run


Now up for preorder – KFC – EAVI METAL Phase Four: A – Transistor & HiFi – Unpainted Version! Order yours here:

KFC – EAVI METAL Phase Four: A – Transistor & HiFi – Unpainted Version


TFcon Exclusives In Stock including Courage Potion, Nero Rex, and Cynicus Asterisk! Order here:

VooDoo Robots – Courage Potion – Animus Stealth Mode

Reformatted – R-12 – Cynicus Asterisk – Convention

MMC – R-20N – Nero Rex – Convention Exclusive


Minos and Thanatos PREORDERS OPEN! Hades members H-01 MINOS and H-02 THANATOS are now up for preorders at TFSource:

TFC Toys Hades H-01 Minos

TFC Toys Hades H-02 Thanatos


Great news, Y01 Provider is BACK IN STOCK AND SHIPPING NOW! Get your today:

Unique Toys – Y01 – Provider


New Preorder: FansToys FT-16 Sovereign! A new preorder is available for
FansToys’ recently announced FT-16 Sovereign! Preorder today at

FansToys FT-16 Sovereign


New Images of DX9’s War In Pocket Hulkie! DX9 have provided new images of their upcoming Hulkie figure! Preorder yours today at TFsource:

War in Pocket – X07 X-12 Hulkie – Set of 6 Figures


Preorders now open on the alternative color Sphinx PS-01A in light blue. Preorder TODAY at TFSOURCE:

Ocular Max – Perfection Series – PS-01A Sphinx


Now up for preorder – Mastermind Creations SERAPHICUS! at 7.5",
this sleek machine has the high quality we have come to expect from MMC.
Can be set to full armor mode with the optional power cradle. PREORDERS


This add-on to Seraphicus Pominon adds full armor functionality to your
figure. Its alt form as a trailer really adds a sleek, battle-ready look
to Prominon.

R-11 – Reformatted Seraphicus Prominon – Power Cradle

New photos of MMC Commodus! Check out our facebook page for new photos of this amazing looking figure! Preorder here:

Mastermind Creations – Reformatted R-14


Gigasaurs GUTTER CHROME – IN STOCK! These just hit the dock and
are shipping TODAY – HQ03 Gutter in Chrome! These pictures don’t lie,
this is a striking piece. Get yours TODAY at:

GigaPower – Gigasaurs – HQ03 – Guttur – Chrome Version


MP-25 Tracks with and without Coin Now in stock! Order today and we’ll ship it right away! Click here:

MP-25 – Masterpiece Tracks

Great news, MP-30 Ratchet with and without collector’s coin are now open for preorder! We have some great pictures of this beauty. Preorder TODAY at:

MP-30 Masterpiece Ratchet

Check out the latest shots for MP-21R, the red Bumblebee Masterpiece. Good look for BB? Up for preorder at:

MP-21R – Masterpiece Red Bumblebee

Now available for preorder – MP-28 Hot Rod and MP-29 Shockwave with and without collector’s coins! Preorders up at TFSource here:

MP-28 – Masterpiece Hot Rod

MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave


KFC – CST-08 Fader & CST-09 Rover – Set of 2 in stock and KFC Restock!
We’ve received KFC Fader and Rover set, as well as a restock of many
popular KFC Toys items including posable hands, Rhinohorn and more!
Check them out here: KFC Toys Restock

KFC – CST-08 Fader & CST-09 Rover – Set of 2


Upgrade your Combiner Wars Devastator with this JUST ANNOUNCED DK-01 Upgrade Kit! Preorders now open:

DK-01 – Devastator Upgrade Kit


Iron Factory’s EVILLORD IF-EX11 is now in stock and ready to ship! Get yours today:

Iron Factory – IF-EX11 – Evillord


The next release in the Gravity Builder combiner GT-01B Mixer is NOW IN STOCK! Get yours today at:

Generation Toy – Gravity Builder – GT-01B Mixer Truck


Now in stock – Reformatted – R-13 – Spartan! Order yours at TFsource today:

Reformatted – R-13 – Spartan


Ryu-Oh Dinosan Now in stock! Dinosan, the next release in the
Fansproject Ryu-Oh series has hit our warehouse! Pictures courtesy of
Kuma Style. Get yours NOW at TFSource:

Fansproject – Saurus Ryu-Oh – Dinosan


TFsource’s BIG AUTUMN SALE is happening now! Save $100 (23% Off) on Make Toys’ Quantron Set of 5. In-stock and ready-to-ship, order yours today at:

Make Toys – MTCM-03 Quantron – Set of 5

Check out all of the sale items by clicking here: TFsource BIG AUTUMN SALE!


Combiner Wars Bruticus Figures & More – Now up for preorder here at TFSource:

Combiner Wars 2016 – Deluxe Class Series 1 – Set of 4

Combiner Wars 2016 – Legends Series 1 set of 4

Combiner Wars 2016 – Voyager Class Series 1 – set

Combiner Wars 2016 – Leader Class Series 1 – Skywarp


Check out our BIG AUTUMN SALE! Savings up to 50% on Dragonball Z, Star Wars, Tamashii Nations, and MORE! Limited inventory, check it out TODAY!

Check out this beautiful piece from Sentinel, the RE:EDIT series Iron Patriot! Designed by Chemical Attack, featuring LED lights and Captain America’s shield. Preorders open at TheToySource:

Sentinel – RE:EDIT Iron Man – 03 Iron Patriot

You can also preorder these amazing RE:EDIT pieces!

Sentinel – RE:EDIT Iron Man – 05 Hulkbuster

Sentinel – RE:EDIT Iron Man – 04 War Machine

Star Wars Ep VII – First Order Tie Fighter PREORDERS NOW OPEN!
The latest release for Episode 7, from the Black Series…the First
Order Tie Fighter! Fits two 6" Black Series figures, comes with one
First Order Elite pilot. Coming SOON, preorder TODAY!

Star Wars – Episode VII Black Series 6in – First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Now in stock – S.H. Figuarts – Dragon Ball – Ultimate Gohan!
Check out our facebook page for amazing new pictures from Kuma Style of
Tamashii Nation’s Ultimate Gohan. Impressive, yes? In stock and shipping

S.H. Figuarts – Dragon Ball – Ultimate Gohan

Great news! We just had a VERY limited number of these gorgeous Samurai-inspired figures hit our warehouse. Get them before they disappear again!

SH Figuarts Movie Realization Stormtrooper

New Bandai Tamashii Preorders Up! We’ve added preorders for
several new items including Freddie Mercury, Doraemon, Ultra Seven,
Armor Girls Project, Gundam, mannequins, Dragonball Z, Metal Build and
More! Check out all of the Bandai Tamashii preorder on theToySource
here: New Bandai Tamashii Preorders at theToySource!

Also up for preorder from Bandai Tamashii:

NXEDGE Style – Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L

Robot Spirits – MS-06S ZAKU II Chars Custom Model ver. A.N.I.M.E.

Robot Spirits – RX-78-2 Gundam ver. A.N.I.M.E.

IN STOCK NOW: Tamashii Thunder Effects in Yellow and Blue! Take
your display to the next level with these electric effects! Ideal for
enhancing battle scenes with a fully charged impact, or electrifying
power build ups, this thrilling lighting effect accessory set can be
used with the separately sold Tamashii Stage support stands and action
figure lines such as S.H.Figuarts to create extreme action sequences. In
stock now, order TODAY at:

Tamashii Effect – Thunder Yellow and Blue Versions

Dragon Ball Z Piccolo – IN STOCK! From Dragon Ball Z, comes the
new S.H. Figurarts Piccolo figure! The figure has been modeled to
replicate natural human movements, and can be posed in several different
poses from the series. Includes changeable hands, changeable head, and
removable cape. In stock now! Order today at:

S.H. Figuarts – Piccolo


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