Latest Production Sample of Unite Warriors UW-04 Devastator

TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out an image of the latest production sample of Unite Warriors UW-04 Devastar (Devastator), noting that this version did not appear in the recently released Generations 2015 book.  The version pictured in the book incorrectly has Devastator’s (and it would appear Scrapper’s) face a plain silver like the Hasbro version rather than a metallic gray like their original cartoon appearance.  One other interesting piece of information revealed in the Generations book is that it would appear that Unite Warriors Devastator will feature ratchet joints in his arms.  This may explain the unexplainable portion of Scavenger’s body that was in gray resin back in the Figure King #209 photos (the last photo) showing off the new parts made for UW-04 Devastar.

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