Hasbro Pulse Releases Box Art for Power Master Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus from Titans Return

Hasbro isn’t letting up with the news this weekend as they have now updated their Hasbro Pulse news relay site with package art previews for Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus. To say this is the most beautiful artwork we’ve been seeing in years is a huge understatement. Check out the images along with their press release below. One thing of note is that this announcement refers to the smaller robot with Optimus Prime as Ginrai where as in the previous release he was called Apex. We’ll reach out to Hasbro to see if we can get confirmation on which is the final name. Tell us which name you like better in our ongoing discussion topic on the Allspark Forums. Not a member? Sign up now for free!

New artwork from packaging showcases upcoming characters and products for 2016
The TRANSFORMERS team has pulled back the curtain on some of their plans for 2016, and the Hasbro Pulse has gained exclusive access to artwork from packaging for the upcoming Titans Return Leader Class Powermaster OPTIMUS PRIME and Titan Class Fortress Maximus from the Generations series.
Fortress Maximus is the third member of the Titan Class of Transformers robots, following in the cavernous footsteps of Metroplex and Devastator.  This massive AUTOBOT converts into a city for the Titan Master figures.


Also in 2016, the Generations line presents the first Optimus Prime figure in the new Leader scale with Powermaster Optimus Prime. The Autobot Leader is a Titan Master, and his head can convert into the robot Ginrai.