Hasbro is Letting Fans Pick the Next G.I. Joe Figure

Hasbro Pulse has been updated today to let fans know that it is they who will be choosing the next G.I Joe figure.

Hasbro and Kindle Worlds team up for crowd-sourced action figure
The G.I. JOE team is doing far more than listening to their fans, they are letting their fans create the next chapters and figures in the G.I. JOE universe. In partnership with Amazon.com and their Kindle Worlds program, dozens of authors have uploaded their original G.I. JOE stories for fellow fans to purchase. There are over 90 unique, original G.I. JOE stories available at Kindle Worlds and now Hasbro is launching the G.I. JOE Kindle Worlds Toy Fan Vote to create a new figure in the 2016 G.I. JOE lineup based on these original writings.
“I’m so excited for this fan vote,” said Mark Weber, Hasbro’s Manager of Global Brand Development for G.I. JOE. “This feels like an extension of the classic ‘Steel Brigade’ and ‘Create-A-Cobra’ fan authorship concepts that let fans ‘become’ recruits to the JOE or COBRA team, but with a modern fanbase twist. We’re also proud to acknowledge the incredible stories being created by the talented writers over on Kindle Worlds.”
Kindle Worlds provided a list of the top ten best-selling G.I. JOE stories, and four of the authors had new characters to submit for this project. G.I. JOE fans worldwide now have the opportunity to meet four new characters from Kindle Worlds stories and decide which one will become an action figure in 2016. Popular G.I. JOE artist Robert Atkins put together the initial character sketches for each candidate. Characters and events referenced herein are fictional and are not intended to depict actual characters and events.

Fans will be able to choose from and vote for one of four characters: Adventure Team Marcus, Cobra Blackjack, Stiletto and Cobra Whisper. Visit the Hasbro Pulse site to view the bios for each character or click here to vote.

Adventure Team Marcus Adventure Team Marcus

Stiletto Stiletto

Cobra Whisper Cobra Whisper

Cobra Blackjack Cobra Blackjack