Generations 2015 book shows off Masterpiece Shockwave, Hot Rod

The TF-Prototype page on Facebook has shared several pages from Taiyo Tosho’s upcoming Generations 2015 book showcasing upcoming Takara Tomy figures, including several Masterpiece releases and Unite Warriors Devastator! Take a look.

The pages show off these hotly-anticipated figures in various stages from prototype to finished deco samples. There are some great shots of Laserwave (that’d be Shockwave to us old-timers) as well as Hot Rod, Ironhide, ratchet, and the Unite Warriors Devastator team. Oh, there’s a tiny Daniel Witwicky in there too.

Source: TF-Prototype on Facebook. If you’re interested in getting your own mitts on a copy of the book, you can do that HERE.



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