Unite Warriors Galvatronus 5 Team Combiner Coming?!

TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out an image showing off an upcoming Unite Warriors release of what appears to be Galvatronus / Cyclonus combiner.  What is interesting is it appears Takara has given him dedicated limbs of his own.  Takara appears to be utilizing some of the molds that have yet to be utilized in any of TakaraTomy’s Unite Warriors teams.  The left leg appears to be Rook (who isn’t in Takara’s Protectobots team), the right leg looks to be the Offroad mold (who isn’t in Takara’s Stunticons).  Meanwhile the left arm appears to be Air Raid (could he utilize an unused alternate head) and the right arm that appears to be one of the Aerialbots (Air Raid, Skydive, or Fireflight?).

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