Ultra Prime & Convoy Grand Prime Comparison Photo

TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out a comparision photo of Hasbro’s Combiner Wars Ultra Prime (not to be confused with Optimus Maximus, the white Battle Core redeco) and TakaraTomy’s Unite Warriors Convoy Grand Prime in their combined forms.  Both figures are configured using TakaraTomy’s limb setup for Convoy Grand Prime.  In the photo fans can see the differences between each figure’s combined mode.  While Ultra Prime manages to retain the normal Optimus Prime reds, blues, and silvers, Convoy Grand Prime adds some teal and black to the deco to homage Superlink Grand Convoy / Energon Optimus.  The homage is further strengthened with the limb configuration color layout.  Convoy Grand Prime is a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive in Japan.

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