TF Pulp – Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Part 1

The Allspark is proud to present a brand-new regular feature for TF Pulp – Simon Furman’s epic 17-part alternate universe story from the pages of Titan’s Transformers movie comic, never before published outside the UK!

Back in 2008, Simon Furman was faced with writing a Transformers movie comic with no idea of what the plot of the next film might be. To neatly sidestep this problem, the comic instead began an ongoing storyline set in a timeline where the climactic events of the film played out very differently!
Over the coming months, the Allspark will be bringing you this story, never released outside the UK, in its entirety. Today, read the first issue, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Part 1”.
Once you’re done, head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss the story!