Roll Call Roll Out Summary – BotCon 2016 Exclusive Ravage & TCC Ramjet Revealed!

The folks of the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club / BotCon are currently at the UK event Roll Call Roll Out, and they’ve been dropping hints of what’s to come from BotCon and the TCC in the future.  Here is a summary of what was discussed at the Club / BotCon panel!  Also revealed were mockups of BotCon 2016 Ravage as well as TCC 2016 Ramjet!  Hand painted samples of TFSS 4.0 Bludgeon and Impactor were also on hand!  Click Read More to learn about this exciting news as well as BotCon 2016’s first guest!

TCC News!
The TCC Panel started with an overview of the TCC Magazine – or what’s left of it for 2015:
– Cover
– More Robots In Disguise Cast Interviews
– Hasbro Previews
– Historical Articles
– The Back Page, a new comic  by Josh Perez
– “Another Light” comic
– And more MTMTE style profiles
Revealed during the discussion was a panel from an upcoming issue of the “Another Light” comic, featuring Nexus Prime and the rest of The Thirteen battling. The highlights for the comic discussion were:
– It’s set on Shattered Glass Cybertron, Shattered Glass Earth and Classicverse Earth.
– It takes place in “real time” with the current plot leading up to the events in the prologue printed late last year.
– Issue 66 of the magazine will feature a 10-page finale to this year’s comic.
As for next year’s Club comic, that was briefly mentioned as a continuation of the 2015 story. And that it would feature the 2016 Club Incentive Figure, and there is the possibility of future TFSS characters also appearing.
The final mock-up for the Membership Incentive Figure Ramjet was then shown. Along with a design sketch for the head as well as a transformation guide on how to flip the head back on the ball joint to give clearance for the head fin. As usual, active memberships as of March 16th, 2015 will receive the Ramjet figure. Of course, members will also get the chance to purchase the Armada Skywarp and “Only Human” Rodimus and Arcee Club Store figures shown off at BotCon 2015.
Timelines #11: Cybertron’s Most Wanted is expected to ship to comic book stores in January.
Lastly… BotCon 2016 News!
BotCon is looking to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beast Wars both with it’s theme for its exclusives as well as a few of its guests. The first guest for the convention was announced to be David Kaye, none other than the voice of Beast Wars Megatron! And the theme for the exclusives, “Dawn of the Predacus’, looks to be a Combiner Wars take on vehicular forms for Beast Wars characters, as a Ravage from the Breakdown mold was shown.

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The BotCon 2016 Convention box set will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking cartoon and toy line BEAST…
Posted by BotCon (Official) on Saturday, October 3, 2015