Robots in Disguise Stock Photos Revealed

Hasbro have released stock renders for upcoming Robots in Disguise figures. Read on for all the images.

2016 Legion Wave 2 will include:

  • Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime, a redeco of the regular Legion Optimus
  • Ratchet, a retool of Legion Strongarm

2016 Warrior Wave 1 will include:

  • Night Strike Bumblebee, a redeco of regular Warrior ‘Bee
  • Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime, a redeco of regular Warrior Optimus
  • Fracture, a new mold
  • Megatronus, an unmasked retool of the recently released Toys”R”Us-exclusive figure

2016 Warrior Wave 2 will include:

  • Quillfire, a new mold
  • “Stealth” Drift, a redeco of regular Warrior Drift
  • Thunderhoof, a new mold

Apparently taking on a new Targetmaster-style play pattern for 2016, the Mini-Con assortment includes:

  • Windstrike, Autobot sword
  • Bludgeon, Decepticon claw/club

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