NYCC 2015 Titan Wars / Titans Return, Combiner Wars, & RID Photos

Thanks to Cally Kari Shokka, we have news coming out from Hasbro’s pre-NYCC 2015 party.  At the event Hasbro unveiled some figures from their upcoming Titan Wars / Titans Return line and it’s a doozy!  Shown at the event are Leader class Blaster with Headmaster Twincast, Voyager size Galvatron with Nucleon Headmaster, Deluxe Skullcruncher, Deluxe Hardhead, Legends Stripes, and Headmaster Terribull and Nightbeat.  Also shown for Combiner Wars are G2 Menasor, G2 Superion, G1 Bruticus, and Sky Reign.  For RID we have Blizzard Strike Optimus, Night Strike Bumblebee, Megatronus, Fracture, Quillfire, Thunderhoof, and a Blue version of Drift.

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