New Transformers Adventure and QTF Releases Announced

News is trickling down about some new Transformers Adventures and QTF releases scheduled over the next few months.  For Adventure we have Japanese releases of the following:

January 2016

  • TAV-36 Fracture
  • TAV-37 Megatronus
  • TED-16 Big Thunderhoof
  • TED-17 Quick Bumblebee

February 2016

  • TED-18 Big Drift
  • TED-19 Springload

March 2016

  • TAV-38 Thunderhoof
  • TAV-39 Quillfire

For QTF we have the following upcoming release:
January 2016

  • QTF-07 Ironhide
  • QTF-08 Jetfire
  • QTFS02 Decepticon Set (Megatron, Soundwave, and Shockwave)

March 2016

  • QTF-09 Ratchet
  • QTF-10 Grimlock
  • QTFS-03 Decepticon Jettron Set (Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp)

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