New TakaraTomy Transformer Full Color Photos – Masterpiece Hot Rod, Shockwave, Legends Springer, QTF

Thanks to site sponsor TFSource we have new photos of TakaraTomy’s just announced listings.  These photos give us out first in color look at Masterpiece Hot Rod and Shockwave.  Also shown are new QTF releases as well as a new Legends release.  Check out the preorder links below:

MP-28 – Masterpiece Hot Rod
MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave
Diaclone – Diabattles
MP-22 – Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Re-Release
Transformers Legends Series – LG19 Springer
Transformers Q – QTF07 Ironhide
Transformers Q – QTF08 Jetfire
Transformers Q – QTC-07 – EVA01 Awakening Version
Transformers Q – QTFS02 – Decepticon Set of 3 Figures
Yawaraka Nazo Nazo Stuffed Plush Transformers

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