New Robots In Disguise Electronic Starscream Toy?

Rick Sellers, a voice actor who has worked with Hasbro on Transformers toys, has posted updates to his Facebook page that people may find interesting.
After a post describing a job he has been working on for Hasbro, mentioning a new toy that couldn’t be named, he posted a video with what sounds to be the voice of Starscream! The toy, which he can not reveal, is described as being intended for the Robots in Disguise toyline.
Here’s what he had to say in his own words:

Richard Sellers Productions; 10-4-15 TRANSFORMERS HASBRO TOYS New Transformers project wrapped up! I’d received an e-mail from a Senior Designer at Hasbro Toys working on electronic Transformers toys.
They needed a character voice and original sound effects for a new toy! ” Decepticons Attack!”
The project entailed creating a character voice for a Decepticon ( A G1 bad guy. If you’re a Transformers fan, think “sniveling sycophant with delusions of glory!” Sound familiar? Rick Sellers will be voicing the character based on the original G1 voice actor.
The new talking electronic toy is based on Hasbro’s latest iteration of the TF franchise, the very popular Transformers animated series”Robots in Disguise”.The animated children’s television show airing on The Cartoon Network.
We began the new project just days ago 9-23-15 at Creekside Audio Recording Studios,working with Wes McCraw the chief engineer and owner of Creekside Audio to record, edit, and create all the audio including the voice and sound effects for the toy.
Friday 10-2-15 marked the completion of the production. All the audio files have been sent off to Hasbro! I received a brief e-mail from Hasbro “The files sound GREAT!”
Thank you Sean, Wes,Lisa, Leo and Brando
And of course Chris Latta!
“Decepticons attack”

Feel free to visit his Facebook page and form your own opinion, but it sure looks like we’re heading towards a new RiD Starscream toy which electronics!  Keep updated on this and all other Transformers news right here on the Allspark!