Japan Has a My Little Pony Cafe

I guess My Little Pony is popular in Japan. One cafe has decided to go full pony. What does full pony look like? Check it out.


This is what the outside window looks like. As you can see, the emphasis is on Generation 1. I don’t recognize these characters but the style is unmistakable.



All the meals are served on special Pony themed plates. I recognize Fizzy there, but not the others.


Now that’s dedication.

ice cream

Some of the ponies are easier to recognize than others. Who’s that silly pony?


This isn’t to say that Generation 4 isn’t represented. Aside from this mural, there are G4 plushes everywhere.

prize grabber

Hard mode: name all the ponies in this picture.

You can find a full gallery here. And be sure to check out our My Little Pony forum!



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