Hasbro NYCC Transformers Panel

Artwork is shown! Including a shot of what can only be the new Fortress Maximus for “Titans Return”.
We start off with the Combiner Wars Machinima series. Aiming for action and gravitas. Producer worked in MTV animation (Aeon Flux) as well as other shows (Afro Samurai, etc). Stories will have “stakes”. Still preliminary, aiming for something “never been done in children’s animation.” Windblade will be the POV character. Older and newer fans should enjoy it. Mentioned Beast Wars. Went to a Transformers Boot Camp at Hasbro to get a feel for the property. Combiner Wars will be a standalone adaption drawing from previous sources. All are used to “adult” animation. Series rule will be “Combiners have to fight each other”.
IDW next up
John Barber: Sentinel Prime is back! Reminds the audience “He (Sentinel) is not a good guy.” All the IDW writers are working together to make up “one large story”. Confirmed that Titans Return writing will be done by Barber, Scott, and Roberts. The full IDW panel will be at 11:45AM tomorrow.
Now for Toys!
Titan heads work across scales. Titans are “slumbering” so why they return is a mystery. Terri-Bull comes with a tank based on Horri-bull. Crashbash is indeed based upon Squeezeplay. Loudmouth is based on Siren. Vehicles transforms into tank and boat(?). Legends Wave 1 Rewind is a tank/device/robot. Stripes is feline/device/jet. Deluxe Wave 1 Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher) with Grax. Alligator mode has cockpit (mouthpit?) for Titan Master. Hardhead with Furos (Duros) and two cockpits. Wanted to include lesser known characters after fan feedback. Hinted at two more Deluxes. Head silhouettes down in the corner. One might possibly be Blurr. Unsure of the other. Voyager Wave 1 Galvatron with Nucleon (Megatron). Galvatron forms a cannon and a jet. Sentinel Prime with Infinitus. He becomes a “war tank and spaceship”. He looks like a retool away from Astrotrain. Tech Specs are back, with readings for both the robot and the Titan Master. 20 is the new ceiling. Leader Wave 1 Blaster with Twin Cast. He has a base mode and confirmation all Leader figures will have a base mode. The slide had a very Powermaster Prime silhouetted head shown in the corner as well.
Audience Q&A
Asking about Beast Wars Anniversary: Hasbro likes to celebrate Anniversaries but no promises.
Why change how Headmasters are being done: Titan Masters will have balljoints to allow more articulation.
Will Autobots and Decepticons be more equal numerically: Yes!
Why were Brake-Neck and Quickslinger released in such limited numbers: They were special items and meant as a one time thing.
Any more Sideswipe on the way: We love Sideswipe too. People really love him and Hasbro recognizes that. Sideswipe will have a “significant” role in the comics down the line. Issues 46-49 were mentioned.
Will animation be inaccessible to people who don’t follow IDW: No, they want to welcome all fans.
Will there be combining Dinobots: Not right now.
Unicron: No plans yet. Can’t talk that far out.
Masterpiece: Two a year are typical. Thinking about the line but no updated plans.
Looks like that’s a wrap!