e-HOBBY Exclusive Deadlock Revealed!

eHOBBY Shop has updated their webpage with their newest exclusive, Legends Deadlock!  Deadlock is an extensively painted redeco of Generations / United Drift in a deco resembling Drift’s pre-Autobot form from IDW’s Drift miniseries and eHOBBY’s own Cloud storyline.  Deadlock comes with the guns originally packed with Generations / United Blurr as well as the large sword originally packed with Drift.  Preorders are open now until December 3rd with the figure shipping out in March of 2016.  Deadlock features a comic by Wakabashi Makamoto (the illustrator / writer behind the recent Grand Scourge comic).  In the eHOBBY preorder page you can see several photos od Deadlock as well as 360 views of his robot and vehicle mode.

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