Additional Masterpiece Shockwave & Hot Rod Photos – Accessories Revealed!

Additional photos have surfaced online of TakaraTomy’s upcoming Masterpiece Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus in Japan) and Masterpiece Shockwave (Laserwave in Japan).  In these photos we get a good look at each figure in both modes as well as their features.  Click Read More to find out what to expect each figure to come with!

MP-28 Hot Rod

  • Twin photon laser guns (mountable in vehicle mode)
  • Buzz saw hand
  • Fishing rod
  • Retractable visor
  • Storage in chest for MP-10 Matrix

MP-29 Shockwave

  • Left & right hands (solid & clear)
  • Gun hand (solid & clear)
  • Saluting hand (solid & clear)
  • Gun stand (can be stored on backpack)
  • Mini-Shockwave from “Desertion of the Dinobots”
  • Light up gun hand / gun mode barrel

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