Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #45 Review!

I love the way this issue started. The recap of adventures we haven’t seen, the idea that there are scattered groups of Transformers all over the universe having ridiculous adventures all the time and we only get a sampling from a few groups… it’s a little frustrating because I want to see those adventures, but mostly it’s hilarious.
Seeing how the dynamics of the group have changed (or haven’t, in some cases) was great. Krok holding onto leadership mostly through the friendship of his “subordinates” was interesting, and I’m hoping for some serious fallout from the deal he tried to make… if anyone lives through this. Misfire housebreaking Grimlock is so crazy it’s awesome. I don’t feel like Spinister and Crankcase get to do a lot here, but they were used well in what they did. Fulcrum probably shows the most growth; understandably he’s adjusted well from being a coward and a forced-suicide bomber to a free bot who can live his life on his terms.
I have to take a moment to praise Milne on a fine issue. There’s a lot of “talking head” moments in this issue and it’s incredibly easy for those to become boring, but he gives the characters a lot of expressiveness and keeps the panels moving even when the characters aren’t.
Skullcruncher as a post-war comedian is fantastic. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been marathoning Seinfeld on Hulu, but I really want to see an issue that’s Skullcruncher’s sitcom pilot. It’s strange though that the Scavengers are under the impression that every Decepticon except them has it good in the post-war status quo. Either they’re just plain not paying attention to news out of Cybertron (via Barber’s Transformers title) or the news is not leaving Cybertron. Given that Starscream is in charge, it’s very possible that it’s the latter.
Things seemed to slow down in this issue toward the end. It feels a bit like Roberts had a last page in mind and once he was done with the Scavengers being wacky he just wanted to get them there. Still though, we have several good mysteries: who was Demus talking to? Is this related to Grimlock’s current condition? What the heck is going on with Fort Max? With any luck Roberts will answer these questions next month, and we won’t have to wait another three years until we see the Scavengers again.
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