Transformers #45 Review!

I love the interplay between Spike and Blackrock in this issue. It was rather fun to see Spike slowly realize that Blackrock isn’t as flighty as he seems, but rather is just so looking so far ahead that he can’t be bothered to go back and explain himself all the time. Blackrock been playing a long game the entire time, and every time it looks like we’re getting to the endgame it turns out to be another side quest. We might be heading into the finale now, but I just can’t be certain anymore!
True to the solicit, Galvatron doesn’t like anybody. It’s actually been really fun in these last few issues to see him just stand around griping and threatening violence rather than doing it, and great to have him playing off Soundwave, who I’m not convinced doesn’t have his own secret motives.
The Autobots have been on the defensive for a long time now, so it was good to see them finally get a break… until that turned out to be a poor choice of words. Dammit Barber, not Jazz again!
I’m not sure who’s dead and who’s alive at the end of this issue, and I’m surprisingly okay with that because I just want to know one thing: How will Cosmos be the Big Damn Hero and save the day? He… is going to save the day, right?
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