The Transformers #45 iBooks Preview

Apple have released their customary three-page preview for the next issue of IDW’s The Transformers ongoing series, due out later this month. Read on for the preview.

In the preview for issue #45, titled “The Nothing Man”, we catch up with Thundercracker and Spike Witwicky for the first time since the conclusion of the “Onyx Interface” story earlier this year:

The Transformers #45 is set for release later this month, and you can find its solicitation text below. Head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss the preview.
JETFIRE and KUP lead a team to investigate the mysterious ONYX system. Meanwhile, GALVATRON… well, GALVATRON just doesn’t like anybody.
• The events of the past months crash together—with disastrous results!
• The stage is set for next month’s Earth-shattering (literally) epic!
• Variant Cover by Golby!