The Allspark’s Down and Dirty Devastator Review and Gallery

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Set
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I’ve been sitting on this for a little while because I really didn’t know which approach I wanted to use in order to get the word out and talk about this amazing figure. By now you’ve all seen the photo galleries, reviews, comments and many of you may have already picked yours up. I wanted to do something different than the typical toy review and gallery.
I will start off by saying though that these toys really ARE amazing. The pictures don’t often do justice to the overall size and bulk of this guy. Even the individual figures tower over any normal deluxe sized figures, which is the way it should be in my opinion.
But how do they “play”? No, I’m not talking about articulation — which the individual figures are admittedly lacking in some degree. I mean, if I were a kid would they be fun? The answer is a resounding “yes” and I hope the below gallery really gets that point across.
These guys are a blast to play with. Transformation from robot to vehicle modes are super easy — and when you’ve got six characters to deal with they really do need to be quick. Putting them in combined mode is equally simple. And boy, are they sturdy. This guy can be knocked around, dropped, flung, posed and played with and he doesn’t miss a beat. The worst thing that happened was that his gun would occasionally fall out of his grip.
I think sometimes as adult collectors we tend to forget what kids do with toys. So I decided to relive that and be a kid myself. I took old Devy out into the field and put him to work. Imagining the scenario as each team member worked together to survey the land and find the missing artifact before Grimlock, who was on patrol, could put a stop to it.
It was a lot of fun. Digging in dirt, playing around and truly treating the toys as a kid would. Do they hold up? Absolutely. And after all, why pay hundreds of dollars for a custom with painted on dirt when you can go get the real thing for free and enjoy doing it?
Of course, when all is said and done, a quick hosing off and he’s as good as new. It just doesn’t get any better than that — and I’d dare anyone to try that with the so-call 3rd party devastator knock-offs out there.
I hope you enjoy viewing the gallery as much as I did in creating it. And thanks again for Entertainment Earth for sponsoring this review and gallery. You can still pick yours up on their website here.