TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive Unite Warriors UW-05 Convoy Grand Prime

TakaraTomy has finally revealed their version of Optimus Maximus, first teased months ago, Convoy Grand Prime!  Convoy Grand Prime, like Unite Warriors Guardian (Defensor), will be a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive.  Convoy Grand Prime consists of Convoy (Optimus Prime), Sunstreaker, Ligier (Mirage), Prowl, and Ironhide.  Each figure has an extensive cartoon accurate deco, and many changes from the Hasbro release.  Most interesting of all, and as was speculated, is the combined mode deco is a homage to Super Link / Energon Grand Convoy / Optimus Prime!  With the silver chest, black thighs, orange (or red in this case) right arm, white left arm, yellow right leg, and blue left leg, this figure is definitely channeling Energon Optimus Prime and is named after the Japanese version of the character Grand Convoy.  Convoy Grand Prime is a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive in Japan but, as with other recent TakaraTomy Mall exclusives, will likely be available outside of Japan by Hasbro Asia.

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One comment

  • Ironhide has his sun roof! Colour me impressed. Definitely getting these guys, though I may try and get a CW Sunstreaker to swap out his all yellow legs for a bit of silver. Great Superlink homage in combined mode, and much less plain looking than Optimus Maximus.