New Masterpiece Hot Rod Coming Soon?!

A new photo of what looks to be from the soon to be released issue # 212 of Figure King magazine has begun floating around the web showing off a silhouette of what looks to be an all new Masterpiece figure of Hot Rod.  The silhouette is definitely completely different than the MP-09 version released in 2011.  The silhouette can be seen next to the upcoming Legends LG-18 Super Mode Starscream (Thundercracker).  The blurb roughly states that a new knight of Cybertron will be released after Ironhide, with a scale similar to the other super car Masterpiece Transformers (Prowl, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, etc).  Could we be getting a new (and often requested) Hot Rod Masterpiece figure where the smaller Hot Rod character is in scale with the other Autobots?  Fans should recall that MP-09 Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime) did have a dedicated Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) mode, but it was much taller than Hot Rod’s interpretation in the cartoon.

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