More TakaraTomy Transformers Photos from 55th All Japan Model & Hobby 2015 Show

Thanks to Autobase Aichi we now have some more photos of the Transformers and Diaclone Reboot figures on display at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby 2015 Show.  In addition to Masterpiece Hot Rod and Shockwave (which these photos give us a good look at the backs of each figure), we have photos of the upcoming Legends, QTF, Adventure, and Diaclone Reboot figures.  Of note is a good look at the Masterpiece Ironhide, Tracks, and Road Rage, Adventure Drift Origin, Jazz, Frenzy & Rumble, Black Shadow, Bumblebee Supreme Mode, Battle Grimlock, QTF Arcee, and Ultra Magnus figures.  Also shown is Diaclone Reboot Diabattles figure.

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