Mark Boudreaux Has Been Designing Star Wars Toys Since the Line Began

When Star Wars was first released in 1977 I was three years old. When one of your earliest memories is of sitting in the theater with your dad and seeing Darth Vader strike down Obi Wan is definitely sets the tone your life path will take.
As I got older and started to grasp the subjects a bit better, Star Wars was the staple of my childhood toy collecting. Before Transformers, before 3.75 inch GI Joe, there was Star Wars.

1979 Millennium Falcon; credit: Bloomberg 1979 Millennium Falcon; credit: Bloomberg
As the toy line that started the entire industry of movie tie-ins and licensed products as we know them today, Star Wars was also the first toy line many of us ever collected. Only recently did I have to part with my collection that I had held on to for decades. To think that the toys in that collection like the Millennium Falcon as well as every other collection through today were designed by the same guy is kind of mind blowing.
That man’s name is Mark Boudreaux and Bloomberg has done a piece on him to give us an insight into the man behind the starships and how it all came to be and I think it’s worth a read.
Some of my earliest and fondest memories were playing (yes, I said playing, not collecting) with my Star Wars figures. Finding them at the store, unwrapping them under the tree and looking forward to the third and final “Revenge of the Jedi” movie. If only I still had that pamphlet with the name before it was changed.
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