Figure King #212 Hi-Res Transformers Scans – Dia Battles, Adventure, Legends, Masterpiece

The Allspark has received the latest issue of Figure King magazine and provided the Transformers related scans for your viewing pleasure.  In this issue we get a two page spread on the new Diaclone Revival Dia Battles figure, a look at TAV29 Bumblebee Supreme Mode, TAV30 Battle Grimlock, TAV31 Black Shadow, TAV32 Rumble & Frenzy, TAVVS04 Sideswipe & Stepper, as well as the upcoming Optimus Prime Supreme Mode and Drift Origin & Battle Jazz 2 Pack.  Also featured is the long delayed QT17 Tracks and other QTF figures QT33 Black Convoy, QT32 Black Megatron, and QTC05 Snoopy.  We also have a new photo of the Legends Decepticon Female Warriors and Legends Starscream Super Mode (Thundercracker).  Last but not least is the silhouette of the recently revealed Masterpiece Hot Rod.

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