Combiner Wars Sale on ComiXology

Digital comics platform comiXology is running a 50%-off sale on IDW Transformers comics relating to the Combiner Wars event from today, September 8, until September 14.

Included in the promotion are:

  • issues #8-16 (plus Annual) of Robots in Disguise, which story the creation of Superion and the infamous “Prowlastator”.
  • issues #33-38 of Robots in Disguise/The Transformers, introducing the combiner-making Enigma of Combination. Available individually or collected as The Transformers Vol. 7.
  • issues #39-41 of The Transformers and issues #1-3 of Windblade v2, which together make up the Combiner Wars event itself. Available individually or collected as The Transformers: Combiner Wars.
  • issue #42 of The Transformers and issues #4-5 of Windblade v2, which pick up in the aftermath of Combiner Wars

The sale page can be found here on the US comiXology website and here on the UK version, and present the issues in a handy reading order.