Christmas Toy Fair Images

Via Game Watch and Mantan Web, we have images from Christmas Toy Fair 2015, showing a slew of upcoming Takaratomy products. Check them out.

Optimus Prime Supreme Mode
First is TAV33 Optimus Prime Supreme Mode. I believe this is our first time seeing this remold in color. Looking sharp!
TAV collection 2
We’ve see these TAV toys before.
TAV collection
Most of these were recently revealed as well, but looking closely at that cardboard cutout of Jazz Battle Mold reveals that it has the visored head seen on the recently revealed Stepper.
TED collection
Half of these are from the TED line, but it looks like the EZ Collection releases will be in multipacks under the TAV banner.
Upcoming Legends and Masterpiece releases. Notably missing is Masterpiece Ironhide, so don’t expect that one before Christmas.
Q Transformers
Q Transformers.
Halloween Kitty
Halloween Kitty.


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