Toyworld To Release Their Own MP Scale Devastator??

At the end of last week, Alucardlee on weibo posted pictures of what appears to be Toyworld’s attempt at a very familiar Generation 1 combiner team… DEVASTATOR!! The images come from what appears to be an instruction booklet which show off designs for a team of third party construction vehicles that combine into a MASSIVE 50cm (19.6 inch) tall combiner (currently unnamed). If the reported dimensions are correct, he will surpass Warbotron as the largest 3rd Party combiner team!
In the photos, we also get a look at the individual robot modes.  Judging from these images, it looks as if they transform very similar to the old G1 Constructicon toys and are about Voyager scale, if not slightly bigger.
The individual bots are identified as:
TW-C01 Bulldozer (Bonecrusher)
TW-C02 Unearth (Scavenger)
TW-C03 Burden (Long Haul)
TW-C04 Allocator (Hook)
TW-C05 Shovel (Scrapper)
TW-C06 Concrete (Mixmaster)
With Takara-Tomy/Hasbro releasing their own massive Devastator, and with the pre-existing Hercules and Green Giant, is this new Devastator overkill or just what masterpiece collectors have been waiting for?  Join in the discussion of this development in our BotTalk subforum here!