TCC TFSS 4.0 Revised Impactor Mockup Revealed!

The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club (the TCC) has revealed the revised mockup of the 6th figure in their Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) 4.0 – Impactor!  The revised mockup shows off the figure with some slight tweaks to the deco as well as our first look at the vehicle mode and the extra accessories included with the figure!  The extra accessories are the weapons included with Generations Arcee and can peg into several areas of the figure including a blade like hand attachment (see the photos provided by the good folks at Fun Publication of Rook using the weapons by clicking Read More as well as their press release)!

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Hello! Yesterday we unveiled Bludgeon, today, find attached our final INDIVIDUAL figure reveal, IMPACTOR with bonus weapons pack. However, that doesn’t mean we are done yet! Tomorrow we reveal the COMBINED mode of the Mayhem Attack Squad! And we have a couple last minute art reveals on their way as well!

The TFSS 4.0 order period will be open through September 2nd. In addition to the new head sculpts for Bludgeon and Impactor, the combined mode of the 5 figures that make up the Mayhem Attack Squad will feature a brand new head sculpt as well!
The service is available to anyone who is a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club. The cost of this additional service is $297 (plus shipping). People can pay all at once or in 3 installments. Once again, the 6 toys that make up the COMBINER WARS themed TFSS 4.0 are: Bludgeon, Windsweeper, Spinister, Ruckus and Needlenose (The Mayhem Attack Squad) along with Impactor (Leader of the Wreckers).  In addition to that, subscribers will receive a BONUS 7th figure to be mailed out with your final shipment (The identity of the 7th figure will be revealed once subscribers get their final shipment.) 
A reminder to your readers: Like with the TFSS 3.0, we do not anticipate having any extra individual units of the 6 figures for sale in the TCC Store, so your best bet to ensure you get these great figures is to order your TFSS 4.0 today!
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