TakaraTomy Designer Teases Unite Warriors Blast Off!

TakaraTomy Transformers Designer Hisashi Yuki has updated his Twitter account with a sketch of one of the Transformers he’s working on.  In particular an updated G1 Blast Off for the Unite Warriors (TakaraTomy’s version of Combiner Wars) line.  In Hasbro’s Combiner Wars line, Blast Off is simply a redeco of Slingshot / Quickslinger.  It appears that TakaraTomy is not satisfied with that and much like what was done with their other combiners is creating a line up that puts each original team member in the same role they served in the original G1 combination as well as their original alternate mode.  For Superion and Menasor this meant having Slingshot and Wildrider as part of the original lineup.  For Defensor this meant creating an all new Deluxe size Groove to replace the Legends sized figure and Deluxe sized Rook.  For Bruticus this appears to mean replacing the Slingshot redeco with an all new space shuttle Blast Off!

In the tweet he mentions working on the design (for Blast Off) and that the cartoon design varies from the toy (theorizing the cartoon design was based on an early version of the toy).
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