Robots In Disguise – Season 1 DVD Coming to Austrailia

Good news for our friends Down Under!  Australian electronics and home entertainment retailer JB Hi-Fi have put up home delivery pre-orders for the RID 2015 Season 1 DVD set.  The DVD is Region Code 4 and is stated to have a run time of 572 minutes.  This is also our first look at the cover art for the DVD itself.
This description of the DVD set:

    When the audobot prison ship Alchemor crashes on Earth near Crown City, its cargo of stasis pods carrying several hundred of the most-wanted Decepticons is scattered throughout the countryside! The Mini-Con Fixit sends a mayday to Cybertron where Optimus charges Bumblebee and his team with the mission to track down the escaped prisoners, and prevent any harm coming to Earth or its inhabitants.