New TCC Mayhem Attack Squad TFSS 4.0 Teaser

The folks at the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club (the TCC) have tweeted out a teaser image for their upcoming reveals, which incidentally start next week, for their upcoming Transformers Figure Subscription Service 4.0 (the TFSS 4.0).  The image is an illustration of TFSS 4.0 Bludgeon, who is a redeco of Combiner Wars Onslaught with a new individual robot mode head, with what looks to be two swords (which are obviously not included with CW Onslaught).

The TFSS 4.0 will consist of Voyager Bludgeon, Deluxe Needlenose with Sunbeam & Zigzag (CW Firefly and Generations Holepunch & Caliburst redecos), Spinister with Hairsplitter & Singe (CW Alpha Bravo and Generations Holepunch & Caliburst redecos), Windsweeper (CW Skydive redeco), Ruckus (CW Offroad redeco), and Impactor (CW Rook retool with a new head).  The 5 Decepticons combine to form a new Mayhem Attack Squad combiner!
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