Adventure and QTF October Release Photos

Large pictures of upcoming Takaratomy products for October have surfaced on Amazon Japan. Check them out!

QT32 Megatron robotQT23 Megatron vehicle

QT32 Megatron

QT33 Black Convoy robotQT33 Black Convoy vehicle

QT33 Black Convoy

QTC01H robotQTC01H vehicle

QTC01H Halloween Kitty

TAV29 robotTAV29 vehicle


TAV29 Bumblebee

TAV30 robotTAV30 T-rex


TAV30 Voyager Grimlock

TAV31 robotTAV32 vehicle


TAV31 Black Shadow

TAV32 RumbleTAV33 Frenzy


TAV32 Rumble and Frenzy

TAVVS04 Sideswipe RobotTAVVS04 Sideswipe Vehicle

TAVVS04 Stepper robotTAVVS04 Stepper Vehicle

TAVVS04 Sideswipe & Stepper


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