Transformers: Combiner Wars – The Animated Series Coming to Machinima

Allspark user RCX has given us a heads up of an exclusive reveal from the site Hollywood Reporter about an upcoming animated series targeted specifically to the older teen/adult collector market. This series will continue the momentum of the Combiner Wars but little more than the general announcement has been disclosed at this time.

Our audiences are huge fans of the toy, comics, movies and video games, and for us to continue the legend with the Combiner War is a unique story-telling opportunity,” said CCA Daniel Tibbets.


Said Hasbro’s senior vp of the Transformers franchise, Tom Warner: “(Machinima is) the perfect partner to help launch a totally new kind of Transformers animation—one that, for the first time ever, is specifically designed for the teen and adult fans who’ve grown up loving the Transformers brand.”

We’ll have more information as it becomes available (likely in our live coverage of the Hasbro Panel) so be sure to check that out and don’t forget to stop by the forums to celebrate with your fellow fans.


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