Throwback Thursday – We got Death Star!

With all the buzz this year surrounding the new Star Wars movies – something many of us never thought we’d see – we got nostalgic for one of the very first viral videos we ever encountered, if not one of the first viral videos online period. Back before there was even a Youtube (when you had to download videos from websites and play them in Windows Media Player) there was the Star Wars Gangsta Rap flash video.

According to Wikipedia:

The Star Wars Gangsta Rap started out as a song, written by Jason Brannon and Chris Crawford, with vocals by Brannon, drum machine by Crawford and Leonard, and keyboard by Brian Leonard. The group billed themselves as Bentframe.
Animator Thomas Lee discovered the rap in 2000 and used it as a basis to practice his developing Flash skills. This became the first (and most widely seen) version of the video. After showing the finished results to Bentframe, they together formed BentTV.

Other early memorable memes from that era include Hamster Dance and All your Base are Belong to Us — what do you remember from those early days? Let us know on our forums!