TFSource Shares Upcoming Transformers Adventure Listings

TFSource has shared a bunch of new listings for Transformers Adventure products arriving this Fall.  The listings include some two-packs, some battle mode toys, and some interesting names, such as “Drift Origin.”  Read on for the full list, and for a link to preorder these, and to discuss in our forums.
Discuss the listings in our forum thread here.
TFSource preorders.

October 2015
Transformers TAV-30 Battle Grimlock
Transformers TAV-31 Black Shadow
Transformers TAV-32 Rumble & Frenzy
Transformers TED-13 Drift (one step)
Transformers TED-14 Fracture (one step)
Transformers QT32 Black Megatron Lamborghini Veneno
Transformers QT35 Black Convoy
November 2015
Transformers TAV-33 Optimus Prime Supreme Mode
Transformers TAVS06 Strong Arm Battle Mode & Sideswipe Battle Mode & Fixit
Transformers TED-15 Big Sideswipe (three step)
Transformers TAVS05 Drift Origin & Jazz Battle Mode
Transformers TAV35 EX Collection Autobot vs Decepticon Set
December 2015
Transformers TAV34 EZ Collection Team Bumblebee vs Megatron Set

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