Simon Furman to Host Special Panel at Auto Assembly 2015

Transformers comic and television writer Simon Furman has been announced to lead an incredibly rare and special panel at Auto Assembly 2015, scheduled to be held August 21-23 in Birmingham, England.  The panel’s entitled “Transformers: The Fall of Dreamwave… and the Rise of IDW” and will feature a lot of behind-the-scenes insights into both eras of the Transformers comics, including a lot of unpublished and never-before-seen work from many of the artists over the years. Read on for the full announcement and to discuss!
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Auto Assembly 2015 announcement:

Legendary Transformers comic writer, Simon Furman, has something rather special in store for fans attending Auto Assembly 2015 as he is bringing an extra special panel to the convention that will be taking place in one of our Alternative Programme rooms over the weekend.
The special panel, Transformers: the Fall of Dreamwave… the Rise of IDW will see Simon Furman introducing a very special visual tour through the last days of Dreamwave and the early days of the IDW-verse, featuring rare and unseen art from unpublished issues and behind-the-scenes design work by a host of talented artists, including Alex Milne, Don Figueroa, EJ Su, Joe Ng and more. Provisionally scheduled to take place early on the Sunday afternoon (although this may be subject to change) seating is limited to around 50 people for this rather special panel.
Please note that photography or filming is not permitted during this panel.

Auto Assembly 2015 Simon Furman