SDCC 2015 Online Only Transformers Tee From WeLoveFine

The have gotten word of an online only tee shirt being sold by WeLoveFine in celebration of San Diego Comic Con 2015. The shirt, which is being marketed as “As Seen On Staff” due to the staff of the WeLoveFine booth wearing it throughout the weekend, features artwork of Combiner Wars Devastator versus the Combiner Hunters – Arcee, Windblade, and Chromia. Here’s what WeLoveFine have to say about it:
We’re releasing a special SDCC “As Seen On Staff” T-Shirt for online purchase only. This “Devastator and the Combiner Hunters” tee will NOT be available at our booth or the Hasbro booth at SDCC. It’s available for both men’s and women’s sizing, and all shirts will begin shipping on Monday 7/13/2015.
Get a look at this shirt as well as the My Little Pony “Ponified Chicken” shirt on WeLoveFine’s website.