SDCC 2015 – Hasbro Transformers Stock Photos: G2 Combiners, Victorion

Hasbro have released official stock photos for the various Transformers products shown during their Generations panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Read on for the images.

Below are stock photos for Combiner Wars Victorion, Scattershot, G2 Superion and G2 Menasor, the Toys”R”Us-exclusive  Robots in Disguise – Clash of the Transformer subline, and several Platinum Edition and Masterpiece releases. Note that some images are as-of-yet unavailable – namely Rust Dust in vehicle mode, Stormclash in robot mode, Dustup in either mode, and G2 Blackjack in robot mode.
Once you’re done checking out the images, head over to the Allspark SDCC discussion thread to share your thoughts!


G2 Superion

G2 Menasor

Robots in Disguise – Clash of the Transformers

Platinum Edition – Autobot Intel Ops

Platinum Edition – Seeker Squadron

Platinum Edition – Trypticon

Masterpiece – Bluestreak & Starscream