Platinum Edition “G1” Dinobots Revealed – It’s Probably Not What You Expected

Thanks to Weibo user AlucardLee we know have images of the upcoming Transformers Platinum Edition G1 Dinobot set.  Fans speculated that this box set may have consisted of the original G1 Dinobot molds, though definitely G1 themed, the box set turns out to be very similar to the SDCC 2014 Dinobot box set and the Amazon exclusive Sludge / Slog from last year.  Though each figure resembles the previous exclusives, each also features a newly sculpted G1 style head!

What do you think about this set?  Are you disappointed they’re not reissues of the originals or are you excited about the new head sculpts?  Sound off in Nevermore’s thread on our forums.



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