Perfect Effect Reveals Add-ons for Combiner Wars Devastator

Perfect Effect updated their Facebook page to reveal two new sets that will complement Combiner Wars Devastator.  The first, PC-06 features a bunch of add-on parts for Hook, Mixmaster, Scavenger, and Devastator that will make the combined mode look a lot more like G1.  Plus they’ve even added a Prowl-stator head to match the IDW appearance!  There’s even a video showing how the cab add-on for Mixmaster works.  Then there’s PC-07, which gives much better arm articulation to Scrapper, Hook, Mixmaster, and Long Haul.  Read on for links, pics, and to discuss!  No price info yet, but both sets are to release in September.
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Perfect Effect Facebook page.
Mixmaster video:





  • sure, so you aren't cool with the prowl head then?

  • Honestly. I think it's to keep it affordable. If the Menasor and Superion sets are any indication, these will be about 35 bucks each. I like being able to choose to spend 35 dollars (As I did with the fist and feet) but not be forced to buy parts I don't necessarily want or need. In this case they offer a set that is specifically for the combined mode and one that is specifically for the robot modes.. if you're going to display him as Devastator having the little bots' arms would be a pointless waste of money. This approach is probably the best and most legitimate way of doing 3rd Party I've seen since was selling their own add ons. Every 3P company should live under the mantra of "Enhance, not Infringe"

  • Once again I have to ask why this needs to be 2 sets.