Optimus Prime Styled Crocs Available For Summer

Remember that time Optimus Prime got cut up into a dozen parts and then some of those parts were rebuilt by the Decepticons into a giant robotic alligator that roamed the sewers of New York City? Because that actually happened. (See G1 Season 2 episode City of Steel )
Well that’s not the kind of croc we mean (Yes, please don’t comment to inform us that alligators and crocodiles are different animals.. just go with the theme here). No, we’re talking about these officially licensed abominations of fashion that the official Transformers facebook page re

Primed for summer. You? #FindYourFun #Transformers #autobots
Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Friday, July 24, 2015

Now, granted, these are for kids (sorry adults, no shoes for you) so we aren’t going to be TOO hard on any of the little guys and gals who want to parade around the summer sporting the Autobot leader himself on each side. As a matter of fact, there’s also a Bumblebee version. Both Optimus and Bee come portrayed as their Robots in Disguise characters and both are available now for purchase on Amazon.
If you have any little ones who want to sport their geeky pride, these are probably worth a look since summer usually equals mud or swimming, or swimming in mud.. and there really isn’t a better kind of shoe for that than Crocs. Also, when they are older you can post pics of them wearing them on Facebook while saying “Hahah, you wore Crocs when you were a kid!”