Official Stock Photos of Unite Warriors UW-04 Devastator

Japanese retailers are beginning to put up preorders for the upcoming TakaraTomy Unite Warriors (Combiner Wars) UW-04 Devastator, and with this comes new official photos of the upcoming figure.  Thanks to Japanese retailer AmiAmi we now have photos of the big guy.  In these photos we get a good look at the figure head on (showing the deco changes to his left foot, treads, and hands), as well as two photos showcasing the visor gimmick and his dark metallic gray face (as opposed to Hasbro’s silver), lastly we have two photos of the individual Constructicons (one for each mode).  For collectors following this news, beyond the visor gimmick, Devastator features G1 style weapons for each Constructicon, new or improved elbows for Scrapper, Long Haul, Mixmaster, and Hook, and improved leg joints for Scavenger and Bonecrusher.  Each Constructicon and Devastator himself feature extensive paint jobs to bring them as close to the G1 cartoon animation as possible.

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