New Takara Product Images – Adventure & Q-Transformers

Yesterday we reported on TFSource’s new listings for upcoming TakaraTomy product. Now the listings have been updated with photos!

For October product, we first have TAV30 Battle Grimlock, a retool of Fall of Cybertron Voyager Grimlock as Robots in Disguise Grimlock, which is sure to be a hit with fans looking for an in-scale line-up of the RID cast. He’s joined by TAV31 Black Shadow, the first Japanese release of the 2011 Generations Sky Shadow figure, and TAV32 Rumble & Frenzy, a seeming re-release of United Rumble & Frenzy. From the Easy Dynamic line we have Takara’s versions of One-Step Changers Drift and Fracture (represented here by the Hasbro versions), whilst Q-Transformers brings us Black Megatron and Black Convoy, redecoes of the previous Megatron and Convoy figures.

In November, we have TAV33 Optimus Prime Supreme Mode, a retool of the large TAV21 Optimus figure based on the character’s season-finale upgrade from the Robots in Disguise cartoon, complete with the Prime Decepticon Hunter sword and new Mini-Con connection points. Also in Adventure is TAV35 EZ Collection Autobot vs Decepticon Set, collecting the Legion figures of Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Steeljaw and Underbite, and TAVVS05 Drift Origin & Jazz Battle Mode. Jazz Battle Mode currently has the regular Takara Jazz figure as a placeholder, but we can see that Drift Origin features a new G1-inspired head and white color scheme, with some yellow that calls to mind the character’s Decepticon look as ‘Deadlock’. TAVVS06 Strongarm Battle Mode & Sideswipe Battle Mode & Fixit is also due out that month, but is yet to have an image listed. Finally we have Takara’s version of Three-Step Changer Sideswipe.

Finally, due for a December release is TAV34 EZ Collection Team Bumblebee vs Megatron Set, which collects the Legion figures of Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Megatronus.

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